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Thursday, 27 December 2018 11:52

altFollowing early work with the Design Council (pictured left is Uppingham N Plan Chair Cllr Edward Baines at their offices in London) when preparing Uppingham's Neighbourhood and Town Centre Plans, an Uppingham group is being considered for inclusion as a case study in a new national initiative to create a 'design toolkit' for future neighbourhood planning practitioners.

Wishing to work in a collaborative way for the future with developers, businesses, schools  and other interested parties, community partnership Uppingham First developed a basis for regular dialogue and information sharing by bringing together the Uppingham Vanguard Board.

The Uppingham Vanguard Board was created at the suggestion of a government advisor who was impressed by the town’s forward looking agenda. Its purpose is to share information with, and encourage collective debate between, organisations involved in the operation and forward development of Uppingham as an exemplar market town. The Board meets twice a year. 

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